1998 - 2019

Imagineeringart.com | Senior Scientific Illustrator

Creating artwork for educational publications in all areas of natural science. Creating digital artwork for both print and interactive media. Working on multiple projects and prioritizing deadlines in a fast-paced environment

Creating a 3D Molecular Library

While at Imagineeringart I created a molecular library of around three hundred 3D molecules using Cinema 4D and ChemDraw. These models would be used in the art programs for future Chemistry textbooks that came into production.

Style Sheet Creation

Developing and creating style sheets for art programs for various projects. This involved art development, creating art styles, iconography, textbox and chart designs, graphs, maps, and various other elements to give a textbook an attractive and unified appearance.

Remote Work

Five years of experience working remotely. Communicating and collaborating through multiple apps such as Discord, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Mural, Figma, Whimsical, and Notion. Downloading, saving, and sharing files through remote servers. 


2020 - 2021

Sheridan College | Digital Product Design Graduate Certificate
(With Honours)

In this one-year program, I learned how to apply relevant research, UX, and UI practices for today's competitive digital design industry.

Inclusive Digital Product Design
  • Building personas, user scenarios, and stories to define the problem

  • Building empathy and journey mapping

  • Accessibility - designing for all and best practices

  • Synthesis - process mapping


Research Methods


  • Research processes and types of research

  • Analysis methods and coding

  • Mapping methods

  • Human factors - societal tech issues

  • Field Research - Interviewing, conducting,
    and documenting

  • Synthesis - Sense-making, insights, and articulating problems


Digital Product Design Strategy
  • SWOT Analysis

  • Product strategy and brand personality

  • External factors - environmental scan

  • Understanding customers, customer insight

  • Value proposition

  • Business models and business thinking

  • Value chains and sustainability


User Experience Design: Fundamentals


  • Design of experiences - observe and document

  • Meaning visualizations

  • Design innovation and process models

  • Dealing with data - information graphics


User Experience Design - Emerging Approaches


  • Implications, signals, and trends

  • Futures methods and scenarios

  • Emerging UI and multi-platform products

  • Speculative prototyping


Prototyping and Workflow Methods


  • Types of workflows

  • Workflow collaboration and prioritization

  • Paper prototyping and low-fidelity methods

  • High-fidelity tools (Figma) and methods

  • Design sprints


Usability and Data-Driven Design


  • Data collection, visualization, and organization

  • Testing methods, testing plans, and

  • Failure analysis and metrics

  • Prioritizing results

1991 - 1994

Sheridan College | Technical/Scientific Illustration Diploma

In this three-year program, I learned to create technical and scientific illustrative artwork used in various forms and platforms. drawing 2D from blueprints and specs, isometric, and exploded view illustrative works.

& Expertise















  • Over twenty years experience working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Five years of experience working remotely

  • TCPS 2: CORE Certification - Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, Course on Research Ethics

  • Twenty years of experience working on a highly productive production team.